Liann, Yoga | Utah Portrait Photography

This is my good friend Liann. We go WAY back, as we were freshman in college together, lived close to each other in the dorms and took a really rockin' class together. She now lives in Washington DC, and besides working for a research institute, is a certified yoga instructor. While I was out in DC, besides getting to spend some time with an old friend and her awesome friends out there, we also took some pictures for her yoga website. We took these on the steps of the National Air and Space Museum and in the statue garden at the Hirshhorn Museum. While we did get stopped by security once, he was an amicable fellow who was closing up the sculpture garden, but told us that we could stay in it as long as we want, so long as we weren't climbing on the statues. I love DC. It would be great to do some more portraits and such down there, especially in the summer time when all the landscaping is green and manicured.

The United States Botanic Garden

While I was in DC I went to the Botanic Garden twice, once on my own and then again with my sister and her family. The plants there are amazing! Some of these pictures are fuzzy because I tool them with my toy Holga lenses, but some of them are foggy because me lens blurred up, and I just decided to go with it. I love the greens and the colors! I also experimented with a square crop, which I think I like for this but wouldn't love for everything.