My Brother John at a Bees' Game

Yeah, this pretty much sums up my brother. That's our dad in the back, with the super-trendy hat.

Sara Dancing | Utah Dance Photography

My friend Sara is a dancer. You've probably seen pictures of here on the blog a lot, because she'd married to my best friend and likes being in front of a camera, and is good at being in front of a camera, so when I just want to take pictures, she'd always willing. And, she is willing to get dressed up, so it's kind of fun that way, too. So, here are some pictures of Sara.

Our friend Amber came along as well.

Slide show!

Becca + Baby | Utah Maternity Photography

My friends Becca and Jon recently (a couple months ago is still recent, right?) had a baby, a cute little boy named Leo. Before the baby came, we got some pictures. These people are so cool. I was also in a dinner group with them for a while, and seriously, they can make some good food, too.

Slide show!

The Rents | Utah Portrait and Pet Photography

So, meet my dad and his wife and their dog. I was so happy when my step-mom asked if I'd do some pictures for them while they were in town, because I was about to ask her if they wanted pictures, anyways. And, my dad and step-mom are two of the coolest people I know. Seriously, best dad ever. I tell him that all the time, I say "Dad, you're my favorite dad ever." And he cleverly tells me that I am his favorite kid, though not is so many words since he can't actually say that in case my sibling found out, but I think the meaning is clear.

And the dog's name is Apollo, he's one cool dog.

My brother Andrew came along to assist, so we got some Dad-Son pictures, too.

Seriously, such a cool dog.

And, here is a slide show with some more!

Suzie + Brian, Married | Utah Wedding Photographer

Suzie and Brian are such a cool couple! It was so much fun to be a part of their wedding. It was a beautiful day for photography, and their reception was simple and lovely. It was a great day.

Suzie's family made all the cake stands out of plates and goblets from DI. Such a great, inexpensive way to make some really classy decorations. They also made the cakes, were which delicious and beautiful.

Probably one of my favorite bouquet toss pictures in a long time.