Rock-pile West Winners!

Congratulations to Monique and Liann, who were our winners. Monique won for the most entries (she was very determined to win!) and Liann was lucky in the drawing.

Don't be (too) sad if you didn't win, though, because Rock-pile West is offering a special deal on all orders through the end of April to Skoticus Photography followers. Just enter the code SkoticusRocks for a 10% discount on you order. So, check out the Rock-Pile West etsy store and get some color and some sparkle.

Monique has chosen to win the Something Brilliant and Aqua Earrings
Something Brillant and Aqua, Earrings

and Liann will soon be sporting the Amythyst and Sterling Silver Drop Earrings!

Amethyst and Silver Drop Earrings

A big thanks to all those who participated, especially those who spread the links!

Aimee Robison, Headshots | Utah Portrait Photography

Aimee Robison was the model for our RockPile West Giveaway and after shooting those pictures, we did some headshots for her, because she is an actress! She is going to be appearing in the play The Drowsy Chaperon this summer at the Springville Playhouse, if you want to see her perform.

Aimee is a coworker of mine, which is to say that she is also an English Grad student and teaches writing/composition/rhetoric.

Also, remember to check out more pictures of Aimee on the giveaway page.

Random Pictures from the Workshop

Some more pictures from the Workshop with Jon Woodbury. This first picture is one from his lecture, shows something about his teaching style. The little girl is his. She is a natural model, as I think most photographers' children are at some level. There is also a picture of Jon's wife, Lori, who is a talented florist.

Some of the pictures were taken at the comic book store outside the library. This was the guy running the place, kind enough to let me take some pictures in the store, and some of him.

The Salt Lake City Library is one of the coolest buildings ever. I love taking pictures there.

Workshop Portraits, Black and White

Some more pictures from the workshop with Jon Woodbury. These are the black and whites! See the other portrait pictures here!

Just a few more random pictures left.