We hired Scott to take both our engagement and our wedding pictures. We really wanted our pictures to look fresh and fun and full of life, and both shoots turned out great. One of the things we appreciated most was that Scott was willing to work with us; for both sets of pictures we wanted the formal, classic shots, as well as fun ones that would showcase our personalities. Scott did both. We also wanted to make sure that we got some great atmosphere shots at our reception, and he sure did that!  --Suzie and Brian Earley

"I wanted a homemade wedding. Something simple and charming and organic. I made everything by hand that I could: butter, bread, pickles, pies, skirts. We harvested apples in the fall and canned pie filling, and turned our sweet Halloween pumpkin into pumpkin pie. Our rings were made by a friend of ours. I was worried that the small and beautiful details I had so carefully included would be lost on a less capable photographer. So I hired Scott. Instead of posed and awkward photographs, I wanted a document of every person there that captured both their unique charm and the spirit of the event. I wanted the details immortalized and, if possible, made to look even more beautiful than they were. I’m happy to report that Scott took the enchanting, sumptuous, completely gorgeous photographs that I was looking for. I constantly look at those images to remind myself that I got married! To my love! For time and eternity! Scott’s technical skills as a photographer, combined with his artistic sensibilities and his ability to capture the essences of people and events made him just the photographer I needed to document the magic of that beautiful day." --Carlyn and Kai Barrus

"I never had a picture of myself that I loved until Skoticus took my photos. He's great to work with-- a professional from start to finish, and you'll want to hire him again just so you can hang out with him." --Shelah Minor

"I feel so lucky to know Skoticus! He has beautifully captured some of my family's most significant milestones: a celebration of our first wedding anniversary, my first pregnancy, and of our son at one month old. I just wish he'd been in business when I got married! Having pictures taken can be stressful, but Skoticus makes it relaxing and so FUN. I enjoy the shoot almost as much as the final pictures. I sometimes feel like a pest because I love his photography so much, I want him to take pictures of everything! It's so amazing to me to look through his portfolio and see the diversity of his talent -- he can make anything or anyone look good! Anytime I hear about someone who needs pictures, I always recommend him, because I know he'll do an incredible job. So, if you're considering Skoticus Photography, DO IT! I promise you will be thrilled with the results."--Monique

"I didn't want to have just any hum drum photos...I was more than satisfied with Skoticus's work and found the experience enjoyable and well worth the shoot. When I got my pictures back I was delighted with the photos and had trouble picking out just one for most of my friends and family, in fact most got two or three and in one case a coffee mug. Skoticus is one of the most impressive photographers I know. My favorite aspects of his pictures are the rich colors and whimsical feeling he can incorporate." --Laura Fox

"I love pictures, and having great engagement photos was absolutely essential to me. Working with Skoticus made that possible. He has a seemingly endless supply of creative ideas and is able to envision what would make a beautiful, rich photograph. It was a fun and comfortable journey! I've always been one to look awkward on film and I actually felt good about how I looked in these pictures. A friend of mine who has an art degree was also very impressed with my pictures. If you're looking for something artistic and modern or traditional and fun--Skoticus can make it happen!" --Amanda Spendlove

"I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun I had during my photo shoot. It was easy for me to keep a real smile on my face because Skoticus was so friendly and funny - I couldn't help but relax...I was also impressed with his flexibility. I have had photographers in the past who have not appreciated my creativeness. They will only take posed pictures. Skoticus let me pick settings and poses I thought would be cool, and he also took candid shots that turned out spectacular. Lastly I loved his creativity. He took me to places that were unique. I have received so many compliments on the pictures he took for me. I was very pleased with how they turned out and will go to Skoticus again when I need a photographer in the future." --Elena Anderson

"Skoticus Photography is awesome. You won't regret it. I recently booked a session for my two wiggly girls, ages 1 and 3, to get summer portraits. He took us to Wheeler Farm, and it was awesome. He was patient, fun, and really captured their high energy spirits. He took pictures of them at over a dozen locations within Wheeler Farm. I can tell he really took his time when he edited them. We got 70 edited pictures and they all look like ones I want to display in our house and mail to family! The lighting, facial expressions, background, style, and feel of the pictures were just what we were looking for. I think anyone would be happy using him as their photographer, wiggly kids, or not!" --Jessica Taufer

Considering that I am related to the photographer, I may be a bit biased, but Scott is one of my favorite photographers. We have had several family and individual picture sittings where Scott has been the photographer. We have many of them hanging in our home prominently displayed with honor. Scott is able to easily interact with our children and creates special sessions for them that highlights each of their special interests and allows them to be creative as well. Whenever the camera comes out for them, they light up and really enjoy themselves. I would recommend Scott to anyone and have already done so.--John and Jessie Morris