My brother Andrew makes a lot of delicious breads. Here is a picture of Andrew, and some breads.

Backyard Sepia

I've fallen in love with sepia of late.

Alexis+Ilya | Utah Engagement Photography

Alexis and Ilya were going for a steam punk-ish look for their engagement photos, which meant they had some cool costumes on. Seriously, I was so excited when they told me what they were planning. I love it when people dress up for the pictures.

I told them to pretend like they were hunting zombies. I mean, it was a swamp, and they had guns, what else was I supposed to do?

We had the most AMAZING sunset during the shoot. The mountains were glowing a gold-orange that was so cool.

And, for a couple more, here is the slide show:


These pictures are from Carlyn and Kai's wedding festivities. As I was going through the pictures, I realized that I had a lot of pictures of this cute little girl, Carlyn's niece (I think). She's adorable.

Megan | Utah Portrait Photography

Megan is an editor by day, but an actress by night. She needed some new head shots for her portfolio, so we headed to Downtown Provo for some great scenery.

Carlyn+Kai's Formals | Utah Wedding Photography

We photographed Carlyn and Kai's Formals in an abandoned art studio. Well, not entirely abandoned, but their lease was up, but they hadn't entirely moved out yet, so we played with all the left over art stuff and took advantage of the awesome textures that was all over the cool old building, which was originally built as Provo fur trade headquarters and processing factory.

Here is a slide show with the some more of their Formal pictures, as well as pictures from the reception, temple, and luncheon.