Ingram Family | Utah Family Photography

Sometimes, you meet people who you can just tell are really awesome and nice. As soon as the Ingrams got out of the car and we shook hands and the kids came up to me to introduce themselves and tell me that they were there to get their picture taken, I could tell that this family was a lot of fun. And they were.

We couldn't have gotten luckier with the weather. It was cold and drizzly all day, but then it cleared up and we got some golden sunlight peaking through the billowy storm clouds as they passed. While the blankets were originally for sitting on, we also used them to keep warm between and during the pictures.

This is Zadok. He was a blast. He wants to be a photographer. I let him borrow my camera for a few moments, and now I have some awesome pictures of myself, too. But he is also excellent at choosing angles and places to pose. He chose a lot of his own settings, and several times when I was taking just his picture he would say something like "Hurry get a picture of that!" and point to something his sister was doing. He's well on his way to being a great photographer.

This is Prescia. Can I just say that one of my favorite things about being a photographer is that moment in every photo shoot when I say four magical words: "Make a funny face."

Prescia likes to dance!

And, little Ray!

Steve and Amanda obviously adore each other. I love this picture.

And, the slide show for your viewing pleasure!

The pictures were all taken at Rock Canyon Park in Provo. A great place for some scenic mountain shots. Love it.

Tim + Jessie Wirkus | Utah Family Photographer

Tim Wirkus is one of my best friends in the world, a member of the very selective fraternity we call the Lopez Brothers (the name is a long story with no real plot). We were neighbors in the dorms freshman year, and roommates later. His wife, Jessie, is just as awesome, and better looking.

One of our goals for the shoot was to find as much COLOR as possible. So we walked all over downtown Provo to find the many colorful walls and buildings. I tell you, I have shot so many sessions in the alleys and back streets of downtown Provo, and it continues to be one of my very favorite locations.

That 70s look...and a DANCE PARTY!

I told Tim to pretend like he'd "just earned his second million." He's got the look down.

And, more of the same awesomeness in a convenient slide show!

A Preview of Things to Come

I am so excited to share the TONS of pictures from my sessions this weekend. Please be patient as I go through all of these!

The Ingram Family:

Tim and Jessie Wirkus:

And Andrew, my little brother.

SO much more to come!

Just for Fun

It's Spring!

That means time outside, by the trees.

Festival of Colors, The Crowd | Utah Event Photography

More pictures from the Festival of Colors. These ones are (mostly) pictures of people in the crowd, or of the crowd themselves. It was a HUGE event, with 20,000 or so people there.

You can see a much more extensive gallery of my photos {HERE} on Jarvie Digital's Holi page.

I think it fitting that while I was putting this post up, George Harrison's song "My Sweet Lord" came up on my Pandora radio. I had never realized that that the background singers were singing the Hare Krishna mantra.