Sara Preview

A few weeks ago I had a nice lens for a few hours, so I took the chance to take some pictures of my friend Sara. Sara is a dancer, and she has a cool apron, and both facts were celebrated in this session.

These were all taken at a park in Provo along the Provo River and the Provo River Trail.

More to come, eventually.

Deena | Utah Bridal Photography

It feels like forever since I took these pictures. Actually, I think it was forever ago. But, I am FINALLY getting caught up on photo editing and blogging. I actually finished editing these ones about at least a month ago, I'm just bogged down, so blogging has been on the back burner (Alliteration intentional, I am a Creative Writing major, after all).

We took the first batch of pictures in Downtown Provo, right near the Police Station. Then we headed up to the Mount Timpanogos trail head, which has some awesome vistas and a cool dog.

So, finally, here are Deena's bridals.

A city worker was kind enough to let us borrow some of her tools. Awesome.

(Erin--aka Petsie--is a mutual friend of Deena's and I, she came along to assist the photos. She is engaged, and so you'll be seeing her engagement pictures on here eventually. Though, first we need to get her and her fiance in the same country. Preferably this one.)

The trail guide was nice enough to let us borrow her shack and her dog for the pictures. We got some pretty cool ones with the dog. (See more of them in the in slide show beneath)

The slideshow!

Becca's Maternity Session, Preview

So, things are a little busy on this end. I won't say crazy, but busy. I've started my MFA program, I'm in full swing, and I am loving it. I just moved apartments, too, but things are almost settled there. I got my computer set up. There are SO many pictures to go through, and I am excited to share them with you.

Here is a sample from the maternity session I did with Becca and John Ogden, who have since had their son, Leo Emerson. Congrats, you two!

More of these to come later!

Lance Larsen | Utah Portrait Photographer

As I mentioned earlier, I took some pictures of Lance Larsen for Mormon Artist. Here are some more of the pictures from that shoot.

It was especially cool to get this assignment because Lance is one of my professors in the MFA program that I just started. I'm taking a class from him this semester on lyricism and short short stories/essays.