Author Photos

Well, the time came that I needed some author photos.

"Why?" you ask. Good question.

Well, this Friday, December 3, at 12 noon, I will be reading an essay as part of the BYU English Reading Series. There will be two other student readers, one each in poetry and fiction. (I know that the fiction is my friend Emily Belanger, but I don't know who the poet will be.)

So, come hear me and some of the other great writers read their stuff. The reading will be held in the Library Auditorium, which is on the first floor of the library, just to the left of the atrium stairs.

There will be refreshments afterward!

Special thanks to my brother Andrew who actually snapped the shutter, after some brief coaching on composure and how auto focus works.

Monique and Ethan | Utah Family Photography

A few days ago I took some pictures with my friends, among them Monique and her son Ethan. I will have the rest of the pictures up soonish, but Monique was going out of town and needed the pictures early, so I got hers done first. Here is some pictures of her and her cute son.

I think that this one is my favorite.

We had such a cool sunset that night!

Carlyn+Kai Married! | Wedding Preview

Well, I have a ton of pictures to go through for Carlyn and Kai's wedding last Saturday, but I promised them that I would get a preview up soon, so here are some pictures from their wedding day, and some pictures we took the night before.

Hope you enjoy these while I get the rest done.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nyssa+Neal | Utah Engagement Photography

The best reason to get engaged in late summer is that you can do your engagements during the fall! It was so fun to capture all the leaves and colors and differing textures for Neal and Nyssa's engagement photos. It was cold, and growing dark quickly, but they toughed it out for some great pictures.

Feet picture! Funny thing, I didn't even mean to take this one, my finger slipped on the trigger, but it came out pretty well, I think.

I saw this hill with the trees and the burning bushes and the green and the fallen leaves while I was on the bus, and I knew I wanted to take pictures here.


Foggy Mountains

While I was in the mountains a few weeks ago, I took some pictures of the amazing colors and fog. This is the backside of Timpanogos, though you can't see the mountain at all, there was too much wispy fog.

Earth Art

I've been a fan of earth art for a while, so while I was in the mountains with some friends a few weeks ago, we decided to make use of the colorful leaves.

First, we decorated a storm drain with a Leaf Wheel.

Then we made a Forest Scene

Then we made a Red Leaf Mobile. (Actually, we made another mobile before this one, but it was really ugly, and the pictures didn't turn out anyways, so we're going to pretend like we didn't do the first one.)

Then we made a Red Leaf Mobile.

Halloween | Utah Portrait Photography

Halloween! Such a fun holiday for photographers, because everyone gets all dressed up and then wants their picture taken! Here is Laura and my brother Andrew before the went out trick or treating, or something.