Chelsea | Utah Portrait Photography

Here are the rest of the photos from Chelsea's portrait session. She is pretty awesome. Also, we had a ton of fun finding locations for this session. Seriously, she, her sister, and I just drove around together until we saw something we liked. Then we'd yell, point, pull over quickly, and take some pictures, pile into the car and do it again. This worked for all but on location (a SUPER COOL laundromat, which turned out to be foreclosed and locked. I was totally bummed that we couldn't go inside, it was an urban photographer's dream.) So, this is all to say, you'll see a wide variety of locations, all in the general Downtown Provo area.

This is my favorite from the session. Love the golden light and the way her eyes pop from the picture.

She had this very pretty scarf on for some of the pictures. I love how blue it is.

Yes. I'm that funny.


And, of course, as has become something of a habit of mine, here is a time-lapse video of some crazy dancing from the session. Chelsea is so animated. The music is the opening lick of "I'm So Glad," by Cream, one of the best bands ever.

Festival Of Colors, Faces | Utah Events Photography

Last Saturday was the annual Holi Festival, or Festival of Colors, at the local Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. It has been an increasingly popular community event. I went as a participant last year, loved it, and knew that I would HAVE to go back as a photographer.

So, I joined up with a group of other local photographers through JarvieU and we all took pictures in an effort. You can see all of our collected pictures {HERE} on Scott Jarvie's website. The collection is seriously epic! It'll blow your socks off.

Here is a collection of pictures I took, all of people's faces. While not all of these are my "favorite" pictures from the event, I love this collection, and kinda wish I had spent more time during the festival taking these types of pictures.

More of my pictures from the event coming soon.