Be Consistent

Over the summer I worked part-time as a marketing assistant at BYU's Intellectual Property Office. One of my favorite projects for the summer was a poster campaign for the Copyright Office. Normally, I wouldn't share what I do for work on this blog, but I took the photos for the poster campaign, and I helped with the poster concept and design, though my colleague Scott Gwynn did the heavy lifting on design, since he knows his design work. You can see one of the other posters he created for the campaign on his blog, too.

It was a fun project, and I really enjoyed it. I've always thought marketing and design were fairly interesting.

Mormon Artist

The 11th Issue of Mormon Artist was just released. Mormon Artist is a great, free online magazine which features LDS authors.

Also, I did some photography for this issue. See the interview with Lance Larsen for some of my photos. I will also have more of Lance's pictures soon.

I was particularly happy that I was assigned to photograph Lance because I am starting and MFA in Creative Writing this fall, and Lance Larsen will be one of my professors.

Suzie+Brian Preview

I photographed such a good looking couple yesterday! I had a few spare minutes to edit a few of their photos this afternoon, but it'll be a while before I get to all of them, so I thought I'd post a preview now. Enjoy!

More to come!

Old School

A while ago, my roommate and his friend were on the way to the they decided to get all retro. I snapped some pictures first.

Bruce+Christianna Wedding | Utah Wedding Photography

I already posted the Formals for Bruce and Christianna, and here are some pictures from their wedding day!

View some more awesome pictures from their formals and their wedding in this handy slideshow.

Lee + Margot | Utah Engagement Photography

Lee is one of my coworkers, and when I learned he was engaged I hoped I would be able to photograph him because he has a really cool style. I first met Margot at a company get together, and I was so impressed with her spunk and personality! This is SUCH a fun couple. We had such a good time going through the parks in Salt Lake. And, I'd always wanted to take pictures at a Farmers Market. This first pic is one of my faves!

Okay, another favorite.

Love the hat!

Possibly my most favorite feet picture in a long time.

So, after all the fun, we took our shoes off and were enjoying the nice weather and the cool grass, and I stepped on a bee. Margot took the stinger out for me. Not too much pain, though my foot got a bit swollen for a few days.

Just to show how much fun the two are:

And, a slide show with some more pictures!