Ralynne | Provo Portrait Photography

More from my session with Ralynne on Tuesday. Even more stunning pictures, she really is a natural. And once again, he eyes just pop from the picture!

For every picture I have of her with a "serious" face, I have five more where she burst into laughter because not smiling is so difficult for her. But, she pulled it off pretty well.

Ralynne: this one is my FAVORITE! You look perfect in this one. I think you should use this one for your portfolio. No agent can resist that smile, no casting director will be able to get passed those eyes.

This picture is absolutely Ralynne's personality. She is all smily and serious-ish in the others, but underneath she is really just bursting with enthusiasm the entire time.

Such a fun shoot.

At one point during the shoot, Ralynne said she had a weird request. She wanted me to take pictures of just her eyes and eye lashes, so that she can have pictures to apply for being an eyelash model, for mascara ads, and such. Little did she know that I love taking pictures of eyes!

To see all of the images from the shoot, just watch this convenient slide show!


lalo said...

I love these~ Oddly enough I myself was just at that park playing a few days ago. There was a cool helix shaped ladder I had to try out.

This is definitely some of your best work. Good Job!

Skoticus said...

Yes, the spiral was great. We took the feet picture (still to come) in the spriral thing.