Lee + Margot | Utah Engagement Photography

Lee is one of my coworkers, and when I learned he was engaged I hoped I would be able to photograph him because he has a really cool style. I first met Margot at a company get together, and I was so impressed with her spunk and personality! This is SUCH a fun couple. We had such a good time going through the parks in Salt Lake. And, I'd always wanted to take pictures at a Farmers Market. This first pic is one of my faves!

Okay, another favorite.

Love the hat!

Possibly my most favorite feet picture in a long time.

So, after all the fun, we took our shoes off and were enjoying the nice weather and the cool grass, and I stepped on a bee. Margot took the stinger out for me. Not too much pain, though my foot got a bit swollen for a few days.

Just to show how much fun the two are:

And, a slide show with some more pictures!

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lalo said...

These are the best so far. I loved these!!!

~Your bigest fan