Spectrum Vision | Utah Professional Photography

While I was home for Christmas, I went to get my eyes checked. Turns out they're pretty much exactly the same as they have been for the last five years, or so. Anyhow, it was nice to get some unscratched glasses and a new set of contacts (would it be safe to mention that I left one pare of contacts last all of last year? Oops.)

Anyhow, my dad is business partners with an optometrist, which means I get a lot of eye stuff free, but also that I take pictures for them whenever needed. I get glasses, and he gets some pictures of himself and his store. Fair trade. So, here are some pictures of Dr. Dortch and Spectrum Vision.

They have some really friendly staff there!

This is the pair that I ended up getting, except I got the silver frame, not the blue ones shown here.

And here's my dad.

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