Workshop Portraits, Color

A few weekends ago I went to a photo workshop hosted by Jon Woodbury, an awesome local photographer and a friend of the family, to boot.

He arranged for some models to be there and we did photography. Here are a couple of pictures I took with three of the models, Kirsti Reed, Lexus Calder, and another model who's name I don't remember...sorry. Anyhow, thanks to the models for helping out, thanks to the other photographers there who had such good insites, and a big thanks to Jon for putting it all together.

These are about half of them, more pictures to come soon.

These fuzzy, color-odd pictures were taken with my Diana lenses...I love those little plastic things!

More photos to come soon!

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lalo said...

Taking pictures of women is my favorite! Girls are just pretty to look at. These girls look like you pulled them off Rodeo Drive or something...HOTTIES.