Kjerstin & James | Utah Wedding Photography

Kjerstin has been a friend of mine since forever ago, and one of the great joys of being a photographer is being able to photograph the special moments of my friends. When people asked us how we knew each other, we always had to think for a bit, before we just knew that we were bound to know each other, we have just about all the same friends in common. In fact, I remember when Kjerstin was trying to get James to ask her out (Or maybe he already had and she was trying to get him to do it again? Not sure...) Anyhow, I remember her telling me some plot that involved maple and bacon cookies. Sounds great, right? Good thing it worked out.

Anyhow, check out some images from their fantastic reception and wedding.

Thanks, Kjerstin and James! You're awesome.


ke said...

Yay!!! Thanks Skoticus!

Suzie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I love it! I love it! The dress, the venue, the amazing candids! So good!