Tim + Jessie Wirkus | Utah Family Photographer

Tim Wirkus is one of my best friends in the world, a member of the very selective fraternity we call the Lopez Brothers (the name is a long story with no real plot). We were neighbors in the dorms freshman year, and roommates later. His wife, Jessie, is just as awesome, and better looking.

One of our goals for the shoot was to find as much COLOR as possible. So we walked all over downtown Provo to find the many colorful walls and buildings. I tell you, I have shot so many sessions in the alleys and back streets of downtown Provo, and it continues to be one of my very favorite locations.

That 70s look...and a DANCE PARTY!

I told Tim to pretend like he'd "just earned his second million." He's got the look down.

And, more of the same awesomeness in a convenient slide show!


mk said...

LOVE these. They both look amazing.

Amanda said...

These are FANTASTIC! I especially love the one of them both standing against the blue wall--and the one of them dancing--and the one of Tim with his jacket slung over his shoulder, so dapper--AND the first one of Jessie against the purple background. What a beautiful couple!!