Suzie+Brian | Utah Engagement Photography

Suzie and Brian are such a fun couple, and I am very excited for their wedding in August! They are so ridiculously happy together, and such adorable people. They are such a fun couple.
Also, as a side know: even though I've only known Suzie and Brian for a little while, it turns out that Suzie and I have a lot of friends in common, and we are pretty sure that we actually met for the first time at a party several years ago. Anyhow, here's the pictures.

The field that were were in had a huge cottonwood tree in it that was sending little tufts of cotton into the air at a seemingly never ending rate. It made for some particularly textured air, but also meant that it was very easy to tell the minute my allergy medicine wore off. Love the effect, though.

Also, it is important to remember that the reflector is also a prop.

This effect is achieved by having the person shake their head vigorously while simultaneously loosening the jaw.

And, even more awesome pictures, in the slide show!

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lalo said...

Suzie is incredibly gorgeous! All of these turned out really amazing. I love the one of her kissing his "boo boo" You have a talent of capturing the sweetness that comes with falling in love.

Good Job!