Christianna's Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographer

Here are the long expected bridals for Christianna! We photographed her bridals at the State Hospital in Provo. It has so many cool locations and textures and colors. Quite the photographic dream.

Christianna is marrying Bruce Ward, one of my friends from the mission days. It is such a pleasure to get to know her and to connect with an old friend. I'll also be photographing their wedding! Congrats Bruce and Christianna!

So pretty.

Christianna made the bouquet herself. Pretty cool, huh?

I love the laugh in this pictures. I especially like the laugh because it happened when my assistant said "Think of Bruce!" and then all of a sudden Christianna was all smiles and laughter. Also there are deer behind her, so double bonus.

I love bright red high-heels.

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