Alexis+Ilya | Utah Engagement Photography

Alexis and Ilya were going for a steam punk-ish look for their engagement photos, which meant they had some cool costumes on. Seriously, I was so excited when they told me what they were planning. I love it when people dress up for the pictures.

I told them to pretend like they were hunting zombies. I mean, it was a swamp, and they had guns, what else was I supposed to do?

We had the most AMAZING sunset during the shoot. The mountains were glowing a gold-orange that was so cool.

And, for a couple more, here is the slide show:

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My Worthless Degree said...

I love the guns! Such an awesome idea! My favorite is the one where they are about to have a duel and are back to back and not looking at each other. It's beautiful, elegant, and hilarious all at the same time. Good work.