Carlyn+Kai Married! | Utah Wedding Photography

Here are some pictures from Carlyn and Kai's wedding. The first group is from their reception, which they had the night before. They had the reception at Carriage House Mill. The great part about the reception was that it was so laid back and relaxed. Carlyn had planned everything to be comfortable, and it was. There was comfort foods (more about the foods below), and their was family. There was a room just for the kids to play in, there was enjoyable music, and there was lots of space to mill around and enjoy the festivities.

The second group of pictures is from the sealing at the Provo Temple and the luncheon at Pizzaria 712, which is amazing.

I first met Carlyn at the Farmers Market when she was doing a project on locally grown food. We talked about food for a while, and the rest of our friendship pretty much grew as a result of food. Carlyn has a magical touch when it comes to food. Also, she is WAY into locally grown food. So, all the food you see here was MADE by Carlyn from locally grown ingredients. The apples in the apple pie came from the orchard behind her house, the pumpkins are from a Provo farm. There were pepper jams she made from her garden peppers, and honey from her grandfather's beehives. She ground the wheat herself. So awesome.

As per her usual awesomeness, Carlyn and Kai opted for simplicity. Carlyn made the skirt she is wearing, and went for a classy white outfit with some simple accents.

This girl is so adorable. I am going to have a whole post just about her. She was very excited to have her pictures taken, so I have a couple of her.

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Amy said...

So beautiful! Hannah is thrilled that her photo was taken while Isaac screamed "I'm on a blog? I don't want to be famous!" (I assured him that there is no chance of that happening.)

These photos capture the event so nicely. Thanks for sharing.