Little Brother | Provo Portrait Photographer

This is my little brother, Andrew. I called you Little Brother. He's the best little brother EVER (other than me, of course). He is a fantastic cook. I am not exaggerating when I say that he makes the second best cheesecake I have ever had. And since the other really good cheesecake can only be purchased in New York and is super expensive to ship, Little Brother's Cheesecake might as well be the best.

The light was AWESOME! (That is why we were taking pictures. I couldn't let the light go to waste. I had to drag Andrew out to shoot with me.) Here are some pictures of the amazing spring sunlight and surrounds.

Mt. Timpanogos was looking mighty pretty that morning. I love living in Provo. The mountains are just always awesome. Mountains are one of the things I missed most the two times I have lived on the East Coast.


Josephine said...

I sure love that picture of Timp! I really like the puddle pictures as well. Super cool.

lalo said...

So cute!