Sara | Utah Bridal Photography

I'm just going to admit right now that photographing dancers is one of my favorites, because like actors, they are so comfortable in front of a camera and they know how to pose to make different moods.

These bridal portraits are of my friend, Sara, aka Sunshine, who was going for a hippie look. And what better place to do that than out in nature, and what better nature than Bryce Canyon? Enjoy the photographs!

bridal photography green purple sash

My favorite thing about this simple dress are all the colorful highlights that Sara adds to it, depending on the look she wants. Such simple changes as the type and color of a highlight material, and you get a completely different outfit!

bridal dance photography green turquoise sash

bridal photograph black and white Tower Bridge Bryce Canyon

bridal photography with simple veil

bridal photograph with blue sash tower bridge Bryce canyon

natural bridal photograph

yoga position bridal photography

And of course, here are the rest of the photographs in a handy slide show! If you can't see the slide show, visit the blog HERE!

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lalo said...

I'm in love with what you did with the colored scarves. Sarah looks amazing! These are incredible.