Abbie + Greg, Married | Utah Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing Abbie and Greg's wedding in beautiful Bountiful, Utah. The wedding was held at a great venue called the Wight House, right in downtown Bountiful. The ceremony was on the roof! How cool is that?

(I think it's funny that the bride gets a huge room with several mirrors, and the groom literally get's a closet.)

Greg as Abbie walks down the aisle.

After the ceremony we did some bride and groom pictures. The coolest ones EVER.


Thanks to Bountiful Bowl who let us play there. They even gave Abbie a pair of white bowling shoes as a wedding present. The owner was SO excited to have us there photographing them.

The fun couldn't last forever, unfortunately, and we went to the reception. These little birds were all over the place: the center pieces, the cake, the presents table, the sign-in book, and among the refreshments. They were pretty cute wedding decorations if you ask me.

Yeah, they're pretty much the coolest couple around. And they got some darn cool pictures, too.

And now, the slide show for your viewing pleasure.

I photographed this wedding with the amazing Amanda Campbell and the super cool Val Hunter.


barb said...

Thanks! These were awesome! You are a master of lighting.

Skoticus said...

It was my pleasure! I had so much fun photographing the wedding and their fun pictures afterwards.