Vintage Photoshoot Preview

I can't say how excited I am to start editing and posting the AWESOME photos from last night's Relief Society activity. Why was I at a Relief Society Activity, you ask? 1) I am a ward photographer, so I need to go to the activities, 2) Last night's activity was a vintage and whimsical photo shoot. So much fun!

First of all, Laura (the Relief Society activities chairwoman) put SO much work into getting props and settings just right. And, she has the perfect backyard for it!

Also, she got bunnies! I wanted rabbits in the pictures SO much, and she made it happen! Woohoo! Also, a bubble gun, though it worked better at making people laugh than at making bubbles.

She also insisted that she get to use my camera for a while, which meant I got some updated photos as well. (Yeah, I also dressed up for the activity...might as well.)

Anyhow, these are not even close to being the best pictures, I just wanted to get the group shots up and also show you why I am SO excited for these pictures to get up. It is a good thing that my hay fever is going crazy and I haven't slept well in days...that extra time will mean I'll get these pictures up even faster!

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