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A few days ago I participated in the Provo Area Digital Photography club's February meet-up, which was all about outdoor portraiture. My favorite! Valerie, a friend from marching band many years back, volunteered to come along as a model, and what fun it was. She is a natural, and I couldn't help thinking and pointing out that she was reminded me of Vogue models.

Apparently there was a mouse in the field. I never saw it, but Valerie didn't panic when she did. Some of the other photographers were a bit squeamish about it.

This one is my favorite: The river behind her is awesome.

I LOVE her hair in this one. All over the place, flowing, reflecting the light. And her eyes mean some serious business.

Okay, this one might be a favorite, too. Here eyes really stand out on this one and the red rock brings out her hair.

More of my shoot with Valerie from last week.

Even more of the lovely Valerie!

So, I was practicing a specific look with this shoot, and I am pretty happy with the pictures, but I have also gotten a few comments about Valerie not smiling much in them. That was me practicing that stoic look. Anyways, this post has some with a smile. Not the whole post, but some. :)

So, I always make a point of taking a "feet picture," something to feature the feet and the feet only. Here is the making of shot:

And the feet shot itself:

I have been driving by this old truck in a dead field on my way to work, and every time I look at it, I think "I really want to take pictures there!" So, since we were at the Riverwoods anyways, we just walked across the street and got some fun pictures there.

One of the best pictures from all day!

And, of course, the slide show of all of the pictures:

(If you are viewing this blog anywhere besides the blog, you will need to go to the blog to see the slide show.)

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