Kjerstin | Utah Portrait Photographer

So, on Sunday night I was in the HFAC at BYU and saw these super cool, super colorful paintings that were all blurry and textured and brightly colored...

...and I got an idea.

I knew they would be perfect for a portrait session, and since it is a temporary exhibit, I had to act fast. My friend Kjerstin volunteered for the job, and I couldn't have had a more perfect model. Seriously, she has the best faces.

The exhibit is called "24 Hour Portrait" which is fitting of this project because I was taking portraits within 24 hours of seeing these wonderfully colorful paintings. If you are going to be on BYU campus anytime soon, make sure you go see these.

Kjerstin, this one will be the perfect cover for the memoir you will someday write. Or, if you ever do stand-up comedy, we could use this in your poster advertisements.

And this one will be the inside cover author photo for your award-winning anthology of poetry.

Although we would use the color version if you were an Enya-esk singer.

And here is the slide show with some of the rest:


Liann said...

Love, love, love it!

lalo said...

these are great! They make me laugh, she is so animated.