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There is a great magazine called Mormon Artist that features LDS artists. The articles in the magazine are fantastic, and the photography is, too.

I was asked by Mormon Artist to photograph Marin Leggat, a dance professional and professor at BYU, who will be featured in the magazine in a coming issue that focuses on artists who have worked and lived in New York City, the Mecca of the arts.

Here are the pictures with the very talented and amazingly photogenic Marin Leggat:

When I found out that I would be photographing a modern dancer I knew that I had to get motion shots, and as far as I am concerned, they came out perfectly. Photographing a dancer is so much fun, because the move! I love that you can see the determination on her face, and the way the feet are moving, and the arch of her jump.

This one is one of my favorites!

More pictures from my session with Marin Leggat, modern dancer:

After we had done several pictures of jumps, I suggested that we do some with poses. I am pretty sure I have heard this word before in terms of dance, but after I had said it several times she politely reminded me that in modern dance, they aren't called poses, they are called shapes. I feel like I should have known that, since one of my best friends is a modern dancer and I have heard her use that word a hundred times.

Anyhow, once you see them happening, it is easy to realize why they are called shapes. They use the space around them.

This picture always reminds me of the Phoenix (I watched my fair share of Saturday morning cartoons as a kid, and X-Men were my favorite, just barely before Ninja Turtles). Marin's hair is awesome, and I love how it shows the movement in so many of her pictures.

Here are all of the posted pictures from the two posts:

And, just to show how much fun it is to photograph a dancer, here is a stop-motion video of pretty much all of the dance portion of the session.

(If you are viewing this post anywhere other that Blogspot, you will need to go to the actual blog site to see the slide show and video. The video is totally worth the trip.)

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