Five Generations | Utah Family Photographer

Last week I took pictures for this amazing family! LaVeta is turning 95 this week! And we took some pictures with her and her daughter, grand daughter, great-granddaughters, and great-great-grandkids! It was pretty awesome.

Below, left to right: Judy, LaVeta, Stacey, Whitney, Baby Isabelle

Stacey and two of her grandchildren, Isabelle and Drew. Drew was a little shy at first, but I could tell he had a great smile, and once I asked him to show me the smile, he perked right up! Look at the that kid!

Here is one with Judy, LaVeta, Stacey, Courtney, and Drew

This is Preston, Poor guy had an ear ache and didn't really want to be in any of the pictures.

Grandpa showed up for a while, too, and helped cheer up the little ones!

And here are even more pictures, including some "artsy" ones from around the park. Also, at one point I asked everyone to "do something silly" and that is when I got the best pictures, I think.

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Awesome. Awesome.